New Shooting Range Set to Open Soon – Full Details

A new shooting range has been in discussion for a while now but it has finally been set in motion and it is now official that we will now be getting a new shooting range. They expect it to take around 6 months for it to be constructed but there is some really cool features that a lot of other shooting ranges don’t have. Max Blagg, the owner is a big part of our community and an avid gun lover.

The range is going to be on a 15 acre piece of property down by the old river. There are going to be three different shooting ranges within the complex. The first being for snipers and long range weapons, another a regular range for guns such as the AR-15 and then another for explosives. Which is the first of its kind and is revolutionary.

Another new feature that you will not be able to find anywhere else is the ability to test different attachments on your gun for free. They will not have this for every single type of gun but for the more popular types of guns this option will be available. We know for a fact that there will be anĀ ar-15 .308 butt stock for you to try on your ar15 rifle whenever you want. There will be limited supply so not everyone will be able to try it out at the same time but you will get to try it if you want.

We will have more information as the time for it to open nears but for now there is a lot of excitement around this new shooting range.

Horse Racing is Becoming a Prominent Sport in America

For the better part of the last century horse racing has been a very popular sport for many reasons. But it seems as if might be heading for a large growth sport here in the near future. Betting on individual horses is something that brings in a lot of money for the hosting city and this could gather some interest from some of the biggest cities in the United States. There was a recent article that talked about how State Governments are trying to promote horse racing to the best of their abilities. They see the huge money making potential that horse racing brings to the table.

Horse racing is something that has a consistent fan base but their hasn’t been much growth in the last twenty years. The main problem is because of the confusion between the different types of events that a horse race could consist of. There is the type of horse racing that most people know, such as the ones that take place at the Kentucky Derby. Even though this is the most popular type of horse racing there is plenty of room for growth in other aspects of horse racing.

We are going to highlight some of the lesser known types of horse races that some of you may find entertaining.

Endurance Race Horse

Endurance races are when the rider and horse go on a very long ride and compete for the best time against other riders. This may not be the most entertaining race to watch but I know that this is an awesome event. These races are often a couple hours and it can be a very long ride for both the rider and horse. To keep both the rider and horse comfortable during this long trek it is important to have a high quality endurance saddle. They are often expensive but well worth the money when you are on a 22 mile race. For more information about this type of race you can view the video below.

Horse Cutting

Cutting is a very quick and fast race that the horse and rider compete to see who can get the fastest time going around obstacles. These obstacles are usually barrels and this type of event is very fun to watch. The races are very short and usually have some very close races. To get the best times riders use a certain type of saddles called cutting saddles. Cutting saddles sale for usually over $1,000 because they have to be made out of the best materials as well as being as light as possible. It is an expensive sport to get into but a very fun one to watch! For a little more information about this type of race view the video below.

Horse Roping Events

This type of event is when a horse and their rider try to rope an animal such as a boar or a calf. They chase them around and try to rope them in the shortest amount of time. Roping may just take the most skill out of any sort of horse event because not only do you have to know how to steer your horse and maneuver it you also have to be able to rope in a running calf. This is a very difficult task but it makes for an entertaining event. Calf roping saddles come in all types and they can also be a bit pricey but if you are interested in this event then you want to make sure that you have the best equipment that gives you the best chance to win.

Man Sees Bear While Installing a Driveway Gate

Yesterday in the Seattle Metro area there was a report that a bear and two cubs were spotted running around. It was first seen by John Gregor who was installing an automated driveway gate in Seattle. I would be aware of this and keep a close eye on small children outside until the bear is gone. Luckily no one has been injured yet but make sure to stay safe.

We suggest watching the video below on how to deal with a bear if you come into contact with it. It is worth watching and could come in useful. Stay safe everyone.

Get Your Home Ready for Fall

Fall is right around the corner and your home might be in for a new makeover or just a little fix up. To help you out we wanted to give you some of the best deals currently available for all sorts of power tools. We know how expensive they can be so we searched hard for the best deals!

We scoured the internet looking for the best deals and we looked through all sorts of sites such as DeWalt, Rockler and Amazon. But by far the best deals we found over at Wildfire Productions. This is a relatively new site it seems like but they have amazing savings on their site.

For example the DW717 DeWalt Sliding Miter Saw is usually going to run you over $500 but from Wildfire Productions you are going to save over 30%. You will not find a better deal anywhere. That was just one example of many from their site.

Besides having some of the best miter saws on sale they also had a bunch of scroll saws.

From their Scroll Saw buyers guide page you are able to find yourself savings of over 10% on almost all of the saws. When the price is in the $500 range 10% is a lot of money!

That is some of the findings that we have found and hopefully it will give you some great spots to find some new tools to get your home ready for the fall. If any of you have suggestions of any other sites let me know and I will include it in the post.